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Listed Building Renovation

While you may be thrilled to own a listed building, doing so comes with extra responsibilities, such as maintaining the building so that it is as close to its original condition as possible by sticking to specific rules and building regulations. Renovating listed buildings can, therefore, be expensive as certain materials and techniques have to be used to keep the repairs authentic looking. 

People do not tend to buy listed buildings as an investment, or because it makes financial sense. Rather they buy these properties as they have because they fell in love with them. Yet there can be lots of hard work involved in turning them into dream family homes. If you pay attention to the extra guidelines, you should be able to avoid breaking the bank. Owners will agree that the history, the character and often the sheer quirkiness of these listed buildings makes the extra effort to renovate them worthwhile. 

thatched country cottage

Planning Permission and Expert Advice

Historic England is the authoritative body from whom you need to seek permission to alter any aspect of your building, including any renovation and restoration work. Failure to obtain appropriate permit before carrying out any physical alterations is classified as a criminal offence, so it pays to be diligent.

Materials and Techniques for Listed Buildings

Generally, when it comes to repairs, consent should not be required when replacing like for like. Make sure the materials whenever replaced are kept the same. 

Usually changing bathrooms or kitchens will not pose a problem as these will probably have been updated before. However, replacing the pipework will almost certainly require permission; particularly when replacing old fittings.  When it comes to planning permission, it is best to be cautious and double check if it is needed. 

With listed buildings it is best to get expert advice on your insurance cover as normal levels of cover will not be adequate. Without out the right amount of cover your home repairs and renovations could be even more expensive should anything go wrong. 

renovated farmhouse kitchen in listed cottage
renovated listed barn outbuilding