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Extending a Listed Building

Extending a building involves two main philosophical approaches; one can either work with what is already existing or go a completely different way. The method you chose will depend on your personal preference, the goal you are trying to accomplish as well as what your local planning and conservation authority permits.

extension on a listed building

The historic environment has undergone significant changes as time passes due to natural processes and human interventions. As a community, we collectively recognise the value of this inheritance, and in a bid to protect its elements, the UK has introduced national planning policies that describe them as "heritage assets" such assets carry a heritage interest which warrants them to have special consideration in planning decisions. Heritage assets include monuments, sites, historic buildings, landscapes and places that are significant.

When do I need Listed Building Consent?

You will require Listed Building Consent (LBC) if any demolition, attractions or extensions to the building will affect its character, feature or purpose. Such a decision rests on the secretary of state or local planning authority who will have particular regard in the desire to preserve the building, its setting or other features the building may have that are of special historical or architectural interests. 

If the listed building happens to be in a conservation area, it's their responsibility to ensure the project doesn't affect the conservation area's appearance or character. 

stately tudor estate

Which Architect do I choose for Listed Building work?

Your local conservation authority officer can point you to a few architects within your area who can serve you well. Alternatively, you can seek advice from an organisation that specialises in maintaining a heritage register of architects. 

For a local Sussex based architectural service, Architects In Sussex is a leader in the profession with a vast experience of for listed building and period projects. 

Apart from shortlisting a few architects and visiting the projects they have completed, make sure that you like the architects you pick. Building a house is among life's stressful experiences and can take a long time meaning you will spend a considerable amount of time with the architect.