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Listed Building Architects

The UK is blessed with a rich cultural heritage and buildings with historic importance. 

By combining expert knowledge, careful planning and immaculate workmanship, you can count on us to preserve the characters of these wonderful structures.

As you may expect, these buildings are extremely sensitive in planning matters and any proposed projects will require planning permission. 

Architects In Sussex specialises in assisting clients to gain the right planning consents and eventually to renovate and improve their properties to meet the expectations of modern life.

refurbishment of private listed house
loft conversion on private listed property

Regardless of your property's listed status, our team of heritage experts invest substantial time to carry out research on the background of the property, identifying any necessary planning needs and issues.

The research enables us to work alongside local and national authorities such as the English Heritage to keep and safeguard the breathtaking and historical qualities of the property. 

We have greatly aided our clients in fulfilling their custodial obligations. At the same time, we have sympathetically updated their property to incorporate many of the amenities that are necessary by the modern lifestyle.

Listed Places of Worship

All buildings are subject to future modifications, and historic churches are by no means an exception. Listing statuses are intended to help manage these changes rather than inhibit them. By being listed, emphasis is placed on the special significance and the overall quality of the buildings or structures. The listing also sees to it that those features are well taken care of when deliberating on the proposals for modifying, repairing, extending, re-developing or even demolishing them. 

These listings are drafted by the government by and with the advice and the consent of the national statutory body. They are subsequently graded and tabulated. The Church of England has by far the largest estate of all the denominations in the United Kingdom. 

This stems from its possession of well over 13,000 listed churches. Almost 50% of them have designated Grade I and Category A buildings; they are chapels, historic churches, or cathedrals which showcase the extra-ordinary qualities of their architecture and art, as well as a vast number of magnificent medieval churches which have endured the test of time.

Local Architects for Historic Building Conservation

If you happen to possess a building that is listed, you become its custodian. You are therefore principally responsible for safeguarding its most significant aspects. 

A certain myth exists which stipulate that no changes may be made to a listed building. 

This, however, is not true. The extent of work that can be carried out depends on the listed status of the building. 

Architects In Sussex have years of experience in working with historic buildings of all sizes and age throughout the South of England. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss your project further.

renovating a listed barn building renovated interior of listed farmhouse

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